Prayer for Waldy…

We ask for your prayers concerning Waldy.  For the past few days he has been running a high fever (103+) on and off.

Please join us in the following:

  1.  Healing upon his little body…that this is a secondary infection and not an infection with his shunt.
  2.  Expedited Visitor’s Visa so that he is able to travel to the US and receive a check up.
  3. Wisdom for us in caring for him in this time.

A second way to walk with us in this is advocacy for Waldy…

  1.  We need a hospital that specializes in hydrocephalus cases to open their doors to us coming in for a check up.

Thank you for walking with us in prayer and advocacy for little Waldy.


Words of wisdom from my TK.

Last night Terah and I were able to sit down and have e chat…it has been a few weeks since our last chat so it was awesome to sit with my daughter.  The spectrum of our conversation goes from the Scriptures to our “bucket lists” to what country we would like to visit one day.

Then the conversation turned to where we are currently in our individual journey.  Always a good thing to talk about with your kids…getting an idea of their current victories ands struggles.  She went first and then it was my turn.

I told her that God is doing some cool things with our journey this year, although it is difficult, we see His hand all over it.  Then I talked about how much Christi and I have been apart in the last few months (a total of 34 days), crazy when you think we have only been in the country for a little over two months.

As I was sharing this, Terah said something very wise, in which I did not take as a compliment at first.

She said…

“Dad, you and mom do not do well when you are apart.”  

I thought to myself…”What?  Are you kidding me?  I think we are handling it all very well…considering everything we have been through.”

I followed her comment with a question of accountability, “TK, what areas do I need to work on and what areas do you see I am weak in.?”

She says to me…

“Dad it is not about you guys not holding it together, I can just see when you are not complete when you are away from one another.”  


“This is good for me to see!”  

After processing it for a time, I begin to see…BOOM, she was right on.

When God chose “man and woman” to be united in marriage…remember what He said, “The two shall become one.”

In Terah’s comment, she was sharing the truth of the Scriptures and God’s fulfillment in our marriage.

And why is it good for her to see this?

For her own marriage one day.  The power of being one with her husband as they walk life together.  She has a mental picture of the oneness of a husband and wife and the importance of living this out and the completeness this brings.

Thank you TK for again teaching your dad something so profound.  I love you!

And Christi, I miss you and love you.

Walking in the shoes of Waldy’s parents…

Many have asked, “How could parents just leave their child to die on the sidewalk outside of the hospital?”  In this blog I would like for you to take a moment to step outside of your culture and not be so quick to judge his parents.

I write the following with not meeting Waldy’s parents.  We hope to find them in the near future and talk to them about Waldy.  But take a moment and journey with me as we look at the possibility of why they did what they did with Waldy.

I know it may appear as if  Waldy’s parents just did not care and left him to die.  That was the initial feeling we had when we first took Waldy in our arms ten days ago.  As we have had time to process and look at the facts, we are beginning to see his story differently.

Can you imagine having a sick child before you right now…not really knowing what is going on.  Knowing that a year ago he was a normal healthy 1 year old that loved to be held.  But now, you have a 2 year old that has a swollen head and cries most of the day.  You have no knowledge of what is happening to your child.  You have no way to help him in your present condition.  People are telling you that your child is cursed and needs to be done away with but in your heart you want to do anything that could possibly help him, at all costs…even giving him up, hoping to find some type of help for your little boy.

In short, we believe that Waldy’s parents had no other choice but to do what they did in hopes to find help for their son.  Instead of letting him die on the island of Tortuga they made a decision to take a boat, which is not free, and bring him to the local hospital to find some type of hope for their son.  They did not have to do this.  In a land where conditions like Waldy’s is seen as a curse from satan, they would of had reason enough and support  to leave him to die on the island, but THEY DID NOT.

Continue to pray for Waldy…and his parents.

Odd or Even Numbers…it is really that simple!

Jordan and Ava are officially in 2nd Grade.

I knew it was coming, the day that they would bring home the ODD and EVEN number worksheet.  As I slowly opened their folder, I looked over their math sheet and then it happened…

My heart began to race…

My hands began to sweat…

My brain confirmed what I saw…

ODD and EVEN numbers.

Yes go ahead and judge me but I dread teaching new concepts to my two 2nd graders!

As I sat and prepared a worksheet for them to complete as they came home, I began to remember…ODD and EVEN numbers are not that difficult.  Truly, all you need to know is the 0, 2, 4, 6 , 8.  That is it.  No matter how large the number is…

1,456,098,123,345,3456,348 all you need to do is to look at the last number.  EVEN!

Spiritual connection…

Maybe that is what we do with the teachings of Jesus.  We make them more complicated than they really are.  We try to over-spiritualize it with our knowledge only to confuse people in our teachings.

Remember what our Jesus said…The two greatest commandments;

“Love God with everything…Love your neighbor as yourself.”

May we not make it so difficult.

Now I get back to more difficult things in my life, subtracting double digit numbers…AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!


Today…Oh Wow…What a Day!

Today, God allowed us to begin a pretty cool work in our journey in Haiti.

For several years we have now been walking beside men and women separately in discipleship.  Today was a huge turning point.  We were fortunate enough to begin marriage counseling with a dear brother and sister of ours.  We are so thankful that God has given us this opportunity for His greatness.

Our hopes is to see this couple to become a couple that is paying it forwardsharing that which they have been given; touching other marriages in Haiti with the powerful purpose of God’s plan for our marriages.

Today as we sat before this couple that was exactly what we were doing…but I want to use the phrase “GRACE it FORWARD” not Pay It Forward.  Paying it forward brings with it a heaviness that we have to which at times can yield a forward motion of action with no heart.  “GRACING it FORWARD” is just the opposite…you do not do it because you have to, or to be better than someone else, it is just the thing you do.

Over the years…

Friends, pastors, family, professional counselors, etc. have poured into us and today we were able to “Grace it forward!”

“Grace it forward”today in your life my friends.


So much to share…

As we are coming up on our fourth year at the House of Moses, we are so overwhelmed by the way God has provided in wisdom throughout this journey.

I recently read the following quote:

“When comparing institutional care to family-based care, studies show that in institutional care children are four times more likely to experience sexual violence and six times as likely to experience physical violence…For every year in institutional care i.e. orphan type settings, a child will lose four months in development.” (UNICEF)

When reading this article, there is so much proof of the great work God has done in the House of Moses in the last four years. Consider this: most of the students that came to live at HoM were between the ages of 17 and 22. With the above applied, that would mean the students had lost anywhere between 5 to 7 years of development — not to mention the many heartaches and sufferings they experienced from people that they at one time trusted very much. Because of HoM, they have now been able to experience life in a physical family as well as a spiritual family, and that has made all the difference.

Has it been easy? Absolutely not. But truly is the journey as a Christ-follower supposed to be that of ease?

We have recently learned other statics that are extremely difficult to digest.

According to of an approximately 1,080,000 students…
– Only 20% attend high school.
5% graduate high school,
– Less than 1% attend university.

In September the House of Moses will have 6 students in high school, 8 students in university and in April of 2016 we will have our first graduate from Tarrant County College of Aviation. HoM’s numbers are 100-100-100.

During the upcoming month our college students will be beginning their university experience. This will be a new challenge to HoM as we support these 8 students in Port Au Prince and America, financially and spiritually.

We are so thankful for each one of you and give great PRAISE to our Jesus that is guiding this journey we are on.


John and Christi Barnes

A look at the House of Moses through Mattie’s eyes

Hello HoM supporters, family, and friends!

I am still so awed/overwhelmed/excited to be in Port de Paix this summer. Blessings abound this week through grace filled language barrier struggles and humbling mistakes. It is nothing short of amazing how every student has welcomed me into this home. They have truly embraced a kind and welcoming spirit and for that I am so glad. The “transition week,” I’m calling it, came with its share of struggles where God was tired of waiting for me to move along so instead decided to jerk me from my comfort zone.

After arriving in Port de Paix on Wednesday we learned it would be Thursday before I would have access to any internet. Besides not having the ability to get in touch with my family, I was also unable to reach John and Christi to get the information for a Western Union wire transfer. No wire transfer=no household money. Needless to say, the next few days consisted primarily of me reminding myself not to panic. It was amazing how God used this time to humble me and beginning forming relationships with the students. Because I was unable to ask John and Christi questions on the day to day activities of the house, I had ask the students and HoM staff questions, try and fail, and then ask again. It was not easy or something I would otherwise do willingly but it was spirit led and now I am thankful.

So with the internet situation, Thursday became Saturday, Saturday became Monday and Monday became Tuesday. After a full week of very limited to no communication with anyone from home I began to see my time with God and my time in Haiti in a different way. When I followed God’s calling to be here I thought that was me saying yes to Him. What I learned, however, was that when Jesus said in Luke that to follow him you must deny yourself and lose your life he didn’t not just mean be willing to die for the Christian cause. I thought just being here was following him and just coming was saying yes. But after a few days I realized that while I did follow him I never gave up my life for him. I just put everything that really mattered to me where it was easily accessible via wifi. This was not as easy lesson to learn as I spend four years as an undergraduate and half of graduate school defining my life by my GPA, extracurriculars, internships, and bible study groups. I began to realize that while establishing my earthly identity as a sister, student, employee, girlfriend, roommate, and friend, I had completely let go of my identity in Christ. It took a week of seclusion for God to show me what it really meant to take up my cross and let go of everything behind to follow Him.

I am so excited to keep adventuring with the HoM family this summer. Hannah and Erich will be here soon and I am sure there will be no shortage of stories to share! Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers.

Love from Port de Paix!