Transitional change is on its way, and we are so excited about what God has in store for the House of Moses in 2016!

Here are the key points I want to share with you:

  •  Vanah Paul will be HoM’s first college graduate.
  • HoM will have twelve students in University in three countries.
  • The Barnes’ family will be serving in a different capacity.
  • The Hebners, who will remain in Haiti serving & leading under HoM.  
  • The need for your ongoing support and prayers.

Vanah Paul – First Graduate!

In late April, Vanah will have her degree in Aviation Mechanics. At this time she is seeking God for the place He would have her work and serve. Her ongoing desire is to one day attain her pilot license. Take a few moments and watch this video of VANAH PAUL at the beginning of her journey at the House of Moses. What a big GOD we have.

Twelve University Students in Three Countries

What started in 2011 as a community of students stepping out from a local orphanage has turned into something beyond our greatest dream. By September of 2016, HoM will have twelve students enrolled in University in Haiti, America, and the Dominican Republic. We are overwhelmed by the greatness of God’s ongoing provision. Remember, you all are a part of something that is beyond human understanding and where God is receiving all the glory. 

Barnes’ Family Serving in a Different Capacity

God is also working mightily in the lives of our family. The time is near for all students to attend University, which opens us to serve in a different capacity yet still remain integral to the House of Moses. In doing so, Christi has been stirred deeply to finish her criminal justice/social work degree and masters in counseling. This is not only a response to God’s calling but also His timing, which of course is perfect.

Our current house contract expires in July. With this, our seniors will take their Philo national exams and the remaining students will transition to University. Through wisdom from the HoM Board, our family feels that God is transitioning us to obey this calling and return to the states. This will allow Christi to pursue her higher education but also provide me to serve in the capacity of Missions & Outreach as God leads. We feel that with the past five years in Haiti, Christi and I could give much wisdom and direct compassion towards those who are serving or desiring to serve as missionaries.

So how will the Barnes remain involved in the House of Moses?

Our relationships with the students are the same as our own children yet they are away in University. We must be involved in their growth and development from afar, just as we are today. Phone calls, messaging and periodic visits will be necessary to maintain accountability and connection through their graduation and beyond as they continue to grow as Christian leaders.


Ongoing Financial Support and Prayers

One beautiful result of this is that ALL of the Barnes Missionary funding AND the House of Moses support can go toward student tuition and their future leadership. As some of you know, when one of your children enters college, the need can drastically increase financially. Many of you support HoM students individually while others give to maintain the day-to-day living for our students. Please know that your support will still remain important and purposeful to God’s calling on House of Moses while we are living in the states.

Full time Missionary Couple

Erich and Hannah Hebner have been serving/interning with us since September 2014 and have grown to love Haiti. We are so excited to walk beside this couple as they continue what God has started through HoM in Port de Paix, Haiti. Erich and Hannah will leave in April for their own fundraising support and return around the time we leave for the states. One hundred percent of funds raised by the Hebners will go directly to them via House of Moses.

As we return to the states, the House of Moses will be empowering Erich and Hannah to continue living in Haiti in the following roles:

* Men’s and Women discipleship
* Children’ Ministry & English classes
* HoM Community Basketball Ministry
* Overseeing HoM Short-term Mission Teams

These are exciting times for the House of Moses and we covet your prayers. Our family would LOVE the opportunity to share about missions and to advocate for the power of sustainable ministry through education, leadership and discipleship for God’s glory. Please let us know of any opportunities for us to get this word out as God opens doors. We are also excited to speak and advocate for university funding on behalf of the amazing young leaders from the House of Moses!

Thank you for continuing to walk this journey with the HoM family through prayer and support during this time of transition. We are anticipating all as the HoM students continue to reach their goals and desires that God has created them for and sending out equipped Christian leaders!

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