“I don’t like being vulnerable.”

Last night I was fortunate enough to have one of those conversations with my daughter that will forever be sketched into my mind.

There was a situation that had arisen in her life that brought us together in a conversation on the “black couch.”  I LOVE these times.

I asked her a question and she responded by hitting around the core or heart of the issue.  Was she in trouble?  Had she done something wrong?  No, but I did see something in her life that I knew God was refining her in.

Oh the beauty to see the HAND of GOD at work in the life of your child.  I think this is what John had in mind when he scribbled out 3 John 4 “Nothing could make me happier than getting reports that my children continue diligently in the way of Truth!”

As she finished with the “safe” answers in response to my question…I then asked her…

“Okay, what is at the core of the issue…what is the heart problem in this situation that you are facing\?”

Immediately, tears started flowing…not the pouring out of the eyes but the welling up and drops slowly falling down her cheek.

I then asked, “Sweetie, what is wrong?”

She responded with five beautiful words…

“I don’t like being vulnerable.”  Oh how beautiful are the words to this dad!  

Why?  Although she does not “like it”, she has learned that is what is needed in her life to deal with the deep issues of her journey that Jesus has set before her.

I told her, that what she is learning at 14, it took me 36 years to learn.  And I went on to say, there is fruit in vulnerability.  When we learn to place it all on the line, we become REAL with ourselves, destroying the thick walls that we are so good at building to protect us.

When we are vulnerable, the truth comes out, and the walls are blasted and rebuilt by our CREATOR.

Not only to you become stronger in your vulnerability but you learn to be OKAY in YOU.  In the YOU, GOD created you to be.



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