Beyond the safety of the bubble wrap…



Remember the bubble wrap as a little kid…shoot…little kid, I still love popping those crazy things.

That is, I love popping all of them except for the ones that bring security in my life.


What exactly do I mean?

Well, I loved life pretty.  With all the things in place and corners neatly trimmed.  I didn’t mind people being real, hurting, struggling, etc. as long as they played by “unspoken rules” to keep me safely secured in my bubble wrap.  And when they stepped outside my “rules” I was more fixated on the way they broke my rule and made me uncomfortable than about the pain they were going through.

For example…

The other day in Haiti I was listening to someone share a struggle in their life and they dropped the Fbomb.  Yes that one…and you know what I found myself doing when that word came out…

You got it right..I was focused on the word instead of the breath of the one expressing the pain in their life.

Today, I am declaring the day when I begin to pop the “bubble wrap” of my life in Jesus.  I want to reflect my Jesus as he walked beside the broken, expressing compassion and extending grace, and not my judgmental pharisaical attitude.

After all, If I want the freedom to hurt and be ugly in my hurting, should I not allow the same freedom in others.


Hold me accountable and help me pop the bubble wrap in my life.

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