Words of wisdom from my TK.

Last night Terah and I were able to sit down and have e chat…it has been a few weeks since our last chat so it was awesome to sit with my daughter.  The spectrum of our conversation goes from the Scriptures to our “bucket lists” to what country we would like to visit one day.

Then the conversation turned to where we are currently in our individual journey.  Always a good thing to talk about with your kids…getting an idea of their current victories ands struggles.  She went first and then it was my turn.

I told her that God is doing some cool things with our journey this year, although it is difficult, we see His hand all over it.  Then I talked about how much Christi and I have been apart in the last few months (a total of 34 days), crazy when you think we have only been in the country for a little over two months.

As I was sharing this, Terah said something very wise, in which I did not take as a compliment at first.

She said…

“Dad, you and mom do not do well when you are apart.”  

I thought to myself…”What?  Are you kidding me?  I think we are handling it all very well…considering everything we have been through.”

I followed her comment with a question of accountability, “TK, what areas do I need to work on and what areas do you see I am weak in.?”

She says to me…

“Dad it is not about you guys not holding it together, I can just see when you are not complete when you are away from one another.”  


“This is good for me to see!”  

After processing it for a time, I begin to see…BOOM, she was right on.

When God chose “man and woman” to be united in marriage…remember what He said, “The two shall become one.”

In Terah’s comment, she was sharing the truth of the Scriptures and God’s fulfillment in our marriage.

And why is it good for her to see this?

For her own marriage one day.  The power of being one with her husband as they walk life together.  She has a mental picture of the oneness of a husband and wife and the importance of living this out and the completeness this brings.

Thank you TK for again teaching your dad something so profound.  I love you!

And Christi, I miss you and love you.

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