Walking in the shoes of Waldy’s parents…

Many have asked, “How could parents just leave their child to die on the sidewalk outside of the hospital?”  In this blog I would like for you to take a moment to step outside of your culture and not be so quick to judge his parents.

I write the following with not meeting Waldy’s parents.  We hope to find them in the near future and talk to them about Waldy.  But take a moment and journey with me as we look at the possibility of why they did what they did with Waldy.

I know it may appear as if  Waldy’s parents just did not care and left him to die.  That was the initial feeling we had when we first took Waldy in our arms ten days ago.  As we have had time to process and look at the facts, we are beginning to see his story differently.

Can you imagine having a sick child before you right now…not really knowing what is going on.  Knowing that a year ago he was a normal healthy 1 year old that loved to be held.  But now, you have a 2 year old that has a swollen head and cries most of the day.  You have no knowledge of what is happening to your child.  You have no way to help him in your present condition.  People are telling you that your child is cursed and needs to be done away with but in your heart you want to do anything that could possibly help him, at all costs…even giving him up, hoping to find some type of help for your little boy.

In short, we believe that Waldy’s parents had no other choice but to do what they did in hopes to find help for their son.  Instead of letting him die on the island of Tortuga they made a decision to take a boat, which is not free, and bring him to the local hospital to find some type of hope for their son.  They did not have to do this.  In a land where conditions like Waldy’s is seen as a curse from satan, they would of had reason enough and support  to leave him to die on the island, but THEY DID NOT.

Continue to pray for Waldy…and his parents.

One thought on “Walking in the shoes of Waldy’s parents…

  1. AMEN and amen…..praying for Waldy, you as you were in the place where God wanted you when He wanted to use you for this little boy, Waldy’s parents….for peace and trust….and possibly one day a reunion…..and amazing testimony to God’s love and power…..

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